March 7th 2018

Sons of Morpheus Down Video

Sons of Morpheus released a new video for their song DOWN. Including lyrics and Sons of Morpheus' footage touring in spain and germany in 2017 and with Karma To Burn in 2016.
Seems like there's a lot happening on the road ;)
Check it out!

February 22nd 2018

Spotify Playlist Stoner Rock 24h

We always want the best for our bands. We're always up to new ways and try to optimize the old ones. 24 hours a day. That's hard work without listening to good music. That's why we've made this playlist:
Stoner Rock 24h
Old and new stuff. Check it out!

December 12th 2017

Walross EP

The 70's band Walross released their first EP as real tape (CAC) and digital via Sixteentimes Music. Since there aren't that many owners of good ol' tape players left, the band decided to upload their full EP via MrDoom666's Doom and Stoner YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Check them out on facebook: Facebook
Get the new album here: Shop

December 1st 2017

Missling Murder

Not long ago, Missling started to do live shows, did a few plans about recording and doubled their rehearsing time. Now it's already here: Murder - the first full length album of the band available as vinyl or download. Get psyched and get your own copy now.

Read the first review right here
Their new funny but kick ass video right here.:
More info on their website: Website
Get the new album here: Shop

Btw.: Missling was Music Video of the Week #46 at RFV Basel. Read here
December 25th 2017

Mono Mojo & Jeremias Johanniskraut Locomotion / Liebender Langweiler

Crazy. Two releases, same day. Mono Mojo released his first album 'Locomotion' including 13 tracks about whisky, love and the life on the road. In the same night Jeremias Johanniskraut put out his EP 'Liebender Langweiler'. We can't say more about these guys, but listen.

Mono Mojo's video to 'No Return' was Video of the Week #47 at RFV Basel.
Read here.
Get your copy of 'Locomotion' here! Get your copy of 'Liebender Langweiler' here!

October 6th 2017

glaston Inhale / Exhale

Inhale / Exhale. The debut album from glaston, a band that takes you to new spheres.
So they give you Sunnar, right here:
Link: YouTube

Cast: Julia Graf, Mila Graf
Video by Bonny Orbit:
Director/Editor/Color Grading: Myrien Barth
Cinematography: Timo Schaub

October 3rd 2017

Mono Mojo No Return

Mono Mojo released a self and handmade video for his song No Return. It's gonna be on of the songs on his debut album that will be available in November this year.
Check it out here:
Link: YouTube

July 18th 2017

YouTube Psych - Rock - Instrumental - Heavy

We did a YouTube Video playlist for you guys. Listen to our bands and artists on YouTube in a row. Explore and share.
Wanna ad a video? Write us a message!
Link: YouTube

June 2th 2017

Ilydaen VEIL

Ilydaen released their new Album »VEIL« on Mai 12th. Now the full album is on YouTube. Listen to VEIL on YouTube, Spotify or whereever you want to.
You can ordner the album as Double 12 Inch Vinyl or as Compact Disc, as stream or download everywhere!
Order the album here: SHOP
The bands website:

Mai 9th 2017

Dick Laurent Hello EP

Dick Laurent's new EP »Hello« was released on April 7th. Now they uploaded a video for the track »Hello«. With ink, milk, salt and close up filming it's a pretty intimate and psychedelic clip of the band.
You can ordner the new EP as 10" Vinyl, as stream or download everywhere!
Order the EP here: SHOP
The bands website:

March 17th 2017

Sons of Morpheus Nemesis

Seems like their sick. Ashen-faced. Deadpan and with black lines under their tired eyes. We're talking about the members of Sons Of Morpheus in their new Video »Monotone«. It's the second single and a gloomy pretaste for the upcoming album »Nemesis«.
Album Out MARCH 31st 2017, published bydeepdive records//H'Art
Pre-Order the album here: BandCamp

January 9th 2017

Echolot Tour Video

The boys where on tour with Cities of Mars all over Europe. What they brought home is this short but funny tour-video.
Some more news: Echolot's EP simply called »I« is now in digital stores worldwide!
Check it out, for example on Spotify: Echolot I

October 10th 2016

Rich Kid Blue EP II

After a lot of shows around Switzerland it was the time for a new record. Finally they have arrived! Rich Kid Blue's new EPs are stored at a safe place and will be available at their shows. And you don't just get a simple CD: The EP is a poster with a CD which is sealed by the band itselfs! Check out the new EP on YouTube.

Juli 27th 2016

Freezes Deyna Only Fucking Human

Freezes Deyna released a new song on YouTube. Check out this first song of their upcoming album, which is going to be released in spring 2017! Stay tuned!

Check out and like the band on Facebook and make sure you don't miss any news about the upcoming album. You can listen to the already released album 'Deynacode' here:

May 13th 2016

Rich Kid Blue JPCT

The Kids recorded the song "JPCT" and made a marvelous bizarre clip with it! Watch it and get a picture of it.
Made by Christian Taro (Taro - cinematic wizardry)

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August 14th 2015

Dick Laurent Watch, Listen, Run!

Dick Laurent was on tour with Ape Skull from Italy. Beside the track 'Watch, Listen, Run!' they released a video with a look behind the scenes of the band's touring life.
Made is the video by the band itself, recorded on tour.

Check it out!